Question We’ve Been Asked

How do I know if this program is for me?

If you are passionate about a healthy lifestyle, if you seek a in-depth understanding of the healthcare environment or just want to get more insights about helping others have a better life quality, then you came to the right place!
We designed this program to meet the tailored needs of every existing or future health consultant, health entrepreneurs and doctors.

Does this program work for all doctors, health consultants, and health entrepreneurs?

We’ve seen health industry professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds and practices implement the strategies taught in this program to greatly expand not only their businesses, but also the amount of people they’re able to help.

What if I’m new to this?

We have wonderful news for you!
As long as you’re open-minded and willing to put in the work, you’ll do just great. In fact people who are new to this perform even better due to their fresh approach and new perspective on it

Does this program include specific steps I can take action on?

Yes. We’re firm believers is breaking the whole program down to very actionable steps. This keeps you on track and provides for considerably better and steady results.

Will I have to keep buying supplies to complete the program?

Nope! Everything you’ll need to learn is included in the program along with workbooks, checklists, and so many more.

Are H1, H2, and H3 worth it?

If you’re particularly driven and you want to see massive results quickly, then YES!
These programs help you take what you’ve learned to a new level of mastery. Included with it is a deeper, more personal connection with Business Arcade success ninjas.

What if this program isn’t for me?

If you’re not happy, let us know why and we’ll do our best to help.
Our goal is for you to grow your business and help more people. But, in the case the program isn’t what you were looking for, we offer a hassle-free money back guarantee for 30 days from your purchase date.

How much time does it take to achieve great results?

Being proactive and diligent, you will see results within the first 30 days.
That said, the program is vast in scope and the material is delivered over the span of six months. We’ve seen people who take our lessons seriously experience great results within months of starting. Since the materials have worked for us, and we’ve seen others also be incredibly successful with them, we’re inclined to believe what it really comes down to is the individual.

What if my computer crashes – do I lose everything?

No way! Since your success is our number one goal, we’ll do what it takes to ensure you always have access to all the materials — and that’s for life!

What’s the end result of this program?

Our ultimate goal is to help you grow your business and help more people. As you know, business success provides for general comfort and freedom as well as luxuries. But the great thing about this industry is, the more successful you are, the more people you’re able to help! These things – making a positive mark in the world and leaving it a better place – are priceless – they’re the result of our end game.