The 6 Month Path To Completion

The Curated Material For Your New Life and Career

Video Classes Certification Training

Each week you will receive a training, that will train you on an implementable topic into your consultations.


These workbooks will be the main point of focus. Each month you’ll have a new game to play in your business. It’s fun and meant to challenge you to the max.

Personalized Feedback

You will get a critique after you complete all 6 months. HCC will refine your approach and help you work on a campaign.

Private Slack Group (Forum)

You’ll have a place where you an work together with others in your same coaching program. This will be others that are making a game out of their business and growing their team too.

6 Months of Classes

Each month you’ll receive a new coaching call. These calls will will help your inner game and help you boost your productivity

Private Training

You will receive private training based on your needs as a consultant.

Live Event Tickets

VIPs get to attend the live events. Like many of the mastermind programs out there, these are chock full of practical and applicable knowledge. Unlike, many of those programs, however, our are lots of fun. We like to maintain a relaxed atmosphere that invites creativity and awesome group sharing.

6 Expert Trainings

For the ultra focused entrepreneurs among you, we include the immensely valuable expert trainings that will help you get massive results in a more fast-tracked manner.

The 6 Month Overview – H1

This program is perfect if you don’t need to learn the marketing and sales, and just want the health consultant certification.

Month 1

The Science & Philosophy of the Future of Healthcare

Month 2

Get Analytics and Understand Tracking

Month 3

The Basic Elements for Long Term Success

Month 4

Advanced Nutrition & Detoxification

Month 5

Advanced Psychology & Lifestyle Strategies

Month 6

Advanced Genetics, Nutrigenomics & Implementation

The 6 Month Overview – H2

This program is ideal if you want to learn our marketing and sales procedures, and already have a health background.

Month 1

12-Month Startup Strategic Business Planning

Month 2

Lead Generation – Phone and Email Sales Training

Month 3

Sales Funnels

Month 4

PR and Marketing Platforms

Month 5

Webinars that CRUSH Online

Month 6

Be Your Own Marketing Department

The 6 Month Overview – H3

Get the lucrative package of H1 and H2 health coaching insights and in-depth business mentoring all together

What H1 H2 H3 Certifications Include

You’ll get my monthly business growth hacking updates on all your devices

Expert Classes

You’ll have expert’s hand selected to show you how that month they are growing their business.


I’ll send you projects based on your goals in your business. This isn’t a guarantee, and if you’re great at what you’re doing, you’ll get a lot of exposure.

Private Networking

We will have live events in Boulder and San Francisco to meet people that will help bounce off ideas for your business.

Deep Learning

You’ll learn how to make a big difference in your clients life.